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Life & Career Coaching

What's a coach?

In simple terms, a coach is someone that helps you get what you want in life faster than you would on your own. They help you get clear on your goals. Help with actionable steps to get there. Hold you accountable in a supportive manner. Point out gaps in your understanding. Help you uncover and remove obstacles that get in the way of your success. And most importantly, they model the success they coach.

How does coaching work?

I believe that a great coach helps you achieve results and success in what you're trying to create in your life. They help you build the skills and self-esteem you need to know that you've got this on your own. It's not about doing it for you or giving you all the answers. It's about seeing the path and reassuring you that, if you take the steps, you'll get there. Giving you just enough support along the way to keep you going while letting you see that you're the one that's doing it.

About me:

I started coaching because I love helping people succeed. I began by helping friends in one on one conversations and that passion grew into helping colleagues, acquaintances, business partners, community, anyone with the desire to do good in the world and get the best out of life.


Robert is a natural at breaking down barriers and helping you to see the essence of an issue and the different approaches you can take in resolving it. He helped to bring clarity to a situation I was struggling with and did so without making me feel incompetent or naive. He’s a people person and his passion for understanding the human psyche is palpable. He taught me to look beyond my narrow view and to see what was holding me back with kindness and at times humor. He is a spotlight when you are feeling lost or confused, guiding and leading you to a solution. I’ve sought help in the past and it’s often just a lot of talk and no resolution. Robert helped me find actionable steps to solving my issue and gave me the confidence to do so. I highly recommend him for those who are feeling stuck, lacking motivation or just need a loving nudge to move forward in any direction of their lives.
~ Stephanie Greco
- has a highly and accurate level of perception of reality, especially in the realms of human psycho-dynamics, human behavior, and systems
- has the ability to identify and articulate problems and inconsistencies
- has exceptional communication skills
- has strong rapport skills
- has a predisposition to care, community, and empathy
I think Robert has a natural affinity for people. What I mean is that he likes all people and is interested in what makes them tick. It’s like he’s doing an ongoing study of human nature. This leads to a talent he has which is to be able to help build a team and be the glue that holds it together. He’s also passionate about what he believes in and will work really hard to see that manifest in the world. 
He is kind to others. I think this shows up as he can see through someone’s story (their BS) and yet is compassionate to their need to spin a story. He does not give up on others easily and is willing to give them one more chance to try again in both personal and business interactions.
Finally, I think he is very funny and likes to laugh, which is a wonderful gift to people; when he shares his humor with them.
~ Liz Lim
(Robert)  your natural qualities that shine through include how much you care about people and how empathetic you are. You’re very generous. You’re very intelligent... You want to believe the best in people...  You’re very quick, but you’re also patient which is a rare combination. You’re fun and mischievous.
~ RM
Robert has a big heart, is caring and compassionate. Patient and willing to listen and help out with advice or any other way he can. He is organized and sets goals and time lines in order to achieve objectives. ... Once he sets his mind to something... he will see it through to the end. He is also loyal to a fault... Just a fun-loving easy going guy...
~ Jason Younis
Robert is:
- a genuine, high character, trustworthy dude. …
- an active listener and which he follows with profound advice/direction. Having someone’s full attention nowadays is a rarity as is good advice.
- a problem solver. He’s that dude that doesn’t shy away from issues. He runs to the fire with the extinguisher.
- is dedicated and driven once he decides what the goal at hand is.
- has great leadership skills.
~ Gilbert
- is dependable and trustworthy
- is friendly, open, and engage easily in conversation
- makes people feel comfortable in his presence
- engages in deep introspection
- is playful and fun!
- smiles and laughs often
- is patient, generous and attentive
- is a good listener
- speaks openly and honestly from the heart
- exudes creativity, art and sophisticated design in his work and his environment
- is able to see the beauty and natural gifts in others, and he lets people know what he sees in them
- is not afraid of the hard conversations
- is a great teacher/coach and mentor
~ Morgan
I would say about Robert (in no particular order:)
- Excellent with people – he is able to meet new people and easily put them at ease. I’d say he is a people person and his curiosity for life makes him genuinely interested in learning about others as well as helping others.
- Lifelong learner - I think this is a huge skill because most people just remain in one place because it’s safe and comfortable. He constantly look for ways to expand his world and his understanding about life and Self.
- Motivating - his energy and excitement for things that he is involved in is very motivating and inspiring. He also helps others see the good/positive aspects of an experience and that’s an important thing in my opinion.
~ Stephanie